Sunday, May 30, 2010


There is that tinge of sadnessand
a little touch of melancholy
It is both a day of parting and unity
filled with....
silence of hope
bursts of laughter
and shadows of tears

As a father hands over her daughter
to a man now dearly known as her husband
A mother watches in silence
her heart full of prayer
for the daugther that she loves ever so dearly

As she kissed her groom's hand
thoughts ran through her mind
will she be able to fulfill all her vows
will she be able to honour and trust

Looking up into his eyes
In her heart she knows
With him by her side to guide her
All will be well for ever and ever

The System

Darkness envelopes me
There is no light at the end of the tunnel
Evil reigns supreme
Devious minds prevail
Incompetent fools are made captains
Ranks and status are the order of the day

They smiled endlessly
They have finally made it
They are now successful
They have reached the stars
All that blood, sweat and tears have finally paid dividends

Little did they know
they are proponents of a corrupt unjust system
Little did they know
they will be held responsible
answerable to the Almighty
of all their intentions and deeds
Little did they know
the rewards are just worthless adornments
of the fleeting material world