Monday, November 14, 2011

Towards Taqwa

Towards taqwa

This love between us
I thought it will last forever
Together we had promised
To weather the bad and savour the good
Through thick and thin
Through happiness and sorrow

Sometime in between the madness of life
In the name of style and status
We had lost our ways
We had strayed from our purpose
We took each other for granted
We abandoned one another

You found comfort in someone
Who needed you much more than I
Sadness and grief enveloped me
Clouding my judgement
Interfered with my actions
I felt betrayed
I felt ashamed
Revenge overcame me

During the lull in the eye of the storm
In the final analysis
I realized that
You are not to be blamed
Because you are not mine to possess
You are someone sent to test my will and faith
My obedience to Allah
For we are all passers’ by
On a journey
Towards taqwa