Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get a life!

I find it quite interesting that some people can perceive things totally differently that what it was meant to be. Now, why is that so? I thought what I wrote was perfectly clear.How can anyone misunderstood that simple sentence? After some thinking on my part I realised that how we perceive and understand things are totally dependent on our life experience and the memory 'database' that we already have. In other words it depends on our world view (or that German word that I cannot spell). Our life experience and the memories that we have is shaped by the environment and relationships that we have with people around us. This means that if we mix with a particular set of people only and live only in a certain environment then we might have a certain fixed way of looking at things which we perceive as being right (hence the rest of the world are wrong). So, if we do not want to react like jerks to things that was only meant as a joke....we must broaden our horizons, mix around and experience life!

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