Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The things that he had taught me

From the alphabets of the Quran
to the tenets of socialism
I learnt it all from him
I learnt that people are created equal
and that justice is not meant for the elite few

He taught me that life is not about wealth
but it is about helping the poor
He showed me that life is not about status
but it is about serving the people
And as he always told me,
Life is about principles
and how to live by those principles

He might not have much
but what he had was priceless
His vision was clear
His ideals were uncompromised

Now that he is gone
I hope I will always remember
The things that he had taught me


  1. Dedicated to Bak...semoga aman di sana. Al-Fatihah

  2. Al-fatihah untuk arwah Mukhtar...semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan sahabat amin

  3. Al Fatihah untuk Bak sokmo di kala terlintas aje di hati..terus disedekahkan Al Fatihah