Saturday, October 31, 2015


My Comments in relation to the photo :
1. No matter how old we are we still make her cry, alot.
2. Now that she is old and frail, sometimes she insist on having the last, just give in lah
3. Mothers are very good at not showing this...even though it hurts like hell
4. Oh yes, she does break into cold sweat but she will always carry on for her family's sake
5. This is the mistake children always make of their moms...thinking thay they can do no wrong....we forgot that she is human too
6. I think this is ever so true
7. She still carries you around, in her mind, in her thoughts...wondering....are you ok or not....are you happy or sad...
8. Of course it does, because you are her angel, her sweetheart, her hero, her apple in the eye
9. It might not seem so at times, but she does put you first...the amount of times she sacrificed and not buy new clothes so that you can have that new shoes for school...or the times she did not sleep when you were sick...or the long hours of travel she endured just to visit you in college...hmmm...
10. She will do it all over again...yes she will because she is a mum 💖

Appreciate your mother while she is still around...spend time with it is your turn to show you care ❤❤❤

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