Monday, October 11, 2010

Web 2.0

All this is new to me. This social networking stuff. You see I was born at a time when there were no computers and the only source of entertainment were just radios and television (black and white!). That was almost fifty years ago. The world has transformed in just a short span of 50 years. We began with the (fixed line) telephone, progressed into cellular phones and now we can skype with anyone anywhere in the world (for free) courtesy of the Internet. Computers that used to fill up a huge room are now reduced to the size of our palms. Technology push and consumer pull have led us to where we are now. It has changed the way we communicate, learn and socialize. It has eroded and changed traditions. It has changed the values of some people. We are not how we used to be. I do feel a bit left out and old just by looking and reading the things that are being posted on FB, YouTube, Blogs etc. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore. Web 2.0 has arrived.

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  1. inilah dikatakan kemajuan ict,jika kita tidak mengikuti perkembangannya,we will be left behind!